ScrumDay Twin Cities 2015
22 September 8:00am to 5:00pm
University of Minnesota Conference Center
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Steve Loos Steve is the President and Founder of Da Vinci Software. Steve had spent more than 15 years in technology management and leadership in a wide variety of industries that include financial services, legal and health care. He has a long history of successful software development and agile adoption at companies like Thomson Reuters and Mayo Clinic. In 2010, Steve launched another successful venture -, a product dedicated to the sports industry.

Operationalizing Your Org To Respond to Change

When coaching organizations towards agility, we often witness the pitfalls of what leads to “hybrid-agile.” A team wants the benefits of agile – such as, the ability to respond to change – but gets caught in the middle of changing business needs and a traditional, slow-moving organization. Leaders of these hybrid approaches like to say, “We’re being pragmatic,” but does that mean they are settling – or progressing? We can help our teams respond to change if we view building high-performing organizations the same way we design software - functional, flexible and repeatable!